Brian Evans

Welcome to my website. I'm a software engineer focused on web development with JavaScript frontend and backend. I have a particular interest in working with data from Companies House.

Listed here are some of my top projects. The source code for each one can be found on my GitHub profile.

portrait of Brian Evans

Companies Stream

Realtime streaming tool for viewing live updates to the Companies House register.

companies house docker javascript redis

Digital Ocean Functions

npm package to simplify deployment of serverless functions to Digital Ocean.

esbuild javascript serverless

Filing Deadlines

SaaS dashboard for accountancy practices, powered by data from Companies House.

companies house docker javascript redis

Find directors

Minimalist web app for viewing the directors of any company in the UK.

companies house javascript serverless

CH Guide

An online guide to using the Companies House public data products, such as their REST API, bulk files and streaming API.

companies house documentation

Computer Science Degree

First class BSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Exeter.

python java php go C databases analytics