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Brian Evans

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Unemployment predictions explaination

graph of ten years of unemployment in america This contest is guessing how much of the unemployment caused by Coronavirus is long term, and how many jobs will be restored when lockdown ends.
We will do this by predicting the unemployment on 31 December 2020 as a percentage of the peak in 2020.
For example, if unemployment peaks at 70 million, and on 31 Dec 2020 it is still 70 million, then the figure is 100%.
To enter the contest, visit the predictions page.


Peak unemployment reached in April 2020 at 23,038,000
Latest released figures are for April at 5,941,000
Therefore the current ratio is 25.79%

To view the data on the outdated government website,

Death toll prediction

Make sure to wash hands and sing happy birthday in warm water for 20 seconds.
Name UK death predictions USA death predictions
Dad 600,000 3,000,000
Brian 50,000 15,000
Ben 300,000 100,000
Mum 500,000 1,000,000
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