Brian Evans

Welcome to my website. I'm a software developer focused on web development with JavaScript frontend and backend.

Take a look at some of my projects listed here or view some source code on my GitHub profile.

Open to offers

I am currently working on these projects, but I am open to employment offers.

Companies Stream

WebSocket event-streaming website for changes to Companies House dataset.

companies house event driven pub/sub


Collection of useful software development tips & tricks.


Social media data visualiser

Visualiser for GDPR data exports. Dissertation for university.

uni data visualisation

CH Guide

Developer guide to Companies House data products and APIs.

companies house info project

Filing Deadlines Dashboard

A dashboard for accounting practices to track their filing deadlines.

typescript docker redis

Find Directors

A serverless web-app for searching the register of UK company directors.

companies house svelte serverless

DO Functions

An NPM package to help with Digital Ocean serverless Functions in NodeJS.

npm serverless cloud

Computer Science

First class degree from Exeter University. Bsc Honours in Computer Science.

java php go python sql